Best under sink trash can 2023

We all know what a chore keeping the kitchen clean can be, but having the right tools can make it a breeze. This guide aims to help you find the best under sink trash can of 2023 so you can breathe easy while your kitchen looks tidy and presentable. Let’s get started!

Best under sink trash can 2023   

  1. Anbuy Under Sink Sliding   (Editor’s Pick)
  2. SUPER DEAL Sliding Pull Out Trash (Best Overall)
  3. Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink (Budget Friendly)
  4. Tiyafuro Top or Under Sink
  5. ELPHECO Kitchen Under Sink Garbage
  6. TiyafuroTrash, Small Under Sink
  7. PILITO Kitchen Small Under Sink

1) Anbuy Under Sink SlidingBest under sink trash can

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Its 8-gallon volume sets the Anbuy Under Sink Sliding garbage container apart. With that much space, you can forget about a crowded under-sink area. Keep your cleaning supplies, dishware, and other basics together. This gadget makes kitchen activities easier by providing plenty of storage space.

Comfortable Access

The Anbuy Under Sink Sliding garbage container makes storage easy. Its pull-out mechanism lets you reach everything without digging through a dark, hard-to-reach region. The smooth sliding mechanism saves time and hassle while retrieving items. No more sink searching.

Lasting power

Storage solutions should be durable. The Anbuy Under Sink Sliding garbage container can handle daily use. Its durable stainless steel and PP plastic construction resists rust. This makes it a long-term kitchen investment.

Design Appealing

The Anbuy Under Sink Sliding waste container is sleek, unobtrusive, and effective. Modern and elegant, its rectangular shape and stainless steel finish complement any kitchen design. The hidden design organizes your under-sink area and improves your kitchen’s appearance. This product conceals trash for a professional impression.

Simple Setup and Maintenance

Anbuy Under Sink Sliding garbage container installation and maintenance are simple. The simple setup makes it easy. Its easy-to-clean materials make cleaning the container a pleasure. Enjoy a clean kitchen without the maintenance.


The Anbuy Under Sink Sliding garbage bin eliminates kitchen sink clutter. This product is ideal for improving under-sink storage due to its large capacity, simple access, durability, and beautiful style. Buy this ingenious device today to keep your kitchen tidy.

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Anbuy Under Sink Sliding First Hand Review Video

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  1. Impressive 8-gallon capacity provides ample storage space for all your kitchen essentials.
  2. Convenient pull-out opening mechanism allows for easy access to your stored items.
  3. Durable stainless steel and PP plastic construction ensures long-lasting use.
  4. Corrosion-resistant finish keeps the storage unit looking sleek and polished.
  5. Hidden design adds a sophisticated touch to your kitchen decor, elevating its overall aesthetic.



Brand Anbuy
Capacity 8 Gallons
Opening Mechanism Pull-Out
Material Stainless Steel/ PP Plastic
Recommended Uses For Product Kitchen

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2) SUPER DEAL Sliding Pull Out TrashBest under sink trash can

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The Super Deal Sliding Pull-Out Trash Can blends into most kitchen cupboards. Its compact dimension allows it to fit in small spaces but still hold 70 quarts for waste disposal. Chrome steel and PP make this trash can durable. Rust- and dent-resistant materials enhance lifetime.

Elegant and Flexible

The Super Deal Sliding Pull-Out Trash Can’s chrome and steel appearance modernizes your kitchen. Its black color makes it fashionable for kitchens and laundry rooms. The can has wheels for convenient transportation and placing.

Easy and Clean

Nobody wants to handle a dirty garbage can lid or can while disposing of waste. The Super Deal Sliding Pull-Out Trash Can’s pull-out mechanism fixes this. Slide it out easily to dispose of rubbish. This handy function makes cooking easier and cleaner.

Multiple Uses

The Super Deal Sliding Pull-Out Trash Can is versatile and adaptable, while being created for the kitchen. It’s ideal for food, packaging, and kitchen waste. It can also be used for lint, dryer sheets, and other laundry debris. It’s perfect for any home because it’s versatile.

Utilize Quality and Efficiency

A clean kitchen requires a good garbage can. The Super Deal Sliding Pull-Out Trash Can organizes your kitchen and maximizes space. Its sleek appearance adds sophistication and its sturdy construction ensures long-term performance. This trash can is great for waste management due to its large capacity, convenient pull-out operation, and several uses.


The Super Deal Sliding Pull-Out Trash Can maximizes kitchen space and cleanliness. Its durability, style, and space-saving design make it a great kitchen or laundry room pick. This kitchen staple eliminates clutter and maximizes efficiency. Buy the Super Deal Sliding Pull-Out Trash Can today to improve your life.

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SUPER DEAL Sliding Pull Out Trash First Hand Review Video

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  1. Large capacity of 70 quarts reduces the need for frequent emptying.
  2. Pull-out opening mechanism for convenient and hygienic trash disposal.
  3. Durable chrome steel and PP material construction ensures longevity.
  4. Dent resistant design for added durability and longevity.
  5. Sleek chrome finish adds a modern and stylish look to your kitchen or laundry room.



Capacity 70 Quarts
Color Black
Opening Mechanism Pull-Out
Material Chrome Steel + PP

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3) Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-SinkBest under sink trash can

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The Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink waste container holds 9 gallons of waste without taking up much space. The robust plastic and open-top design make rubbish disposal easy. Most homes prefer it since its rectangular shape and Bisque hue match any kitchen design. This 2.2-pound container is easy to move.Reliable Quality US made

The Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink garbage container is high-quality. This US-made waste container is high-quality and reliable. Rubbermaid’s commitment to quality means this garbage container will last.Stylish Kitchen Addition

The Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink waste container is functional and stylish. Its sleek form gives your home a trendy appeal. Say goodbye to ugly garbage containers and hello to a kitchen-friendly waste container.

Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink Storage Solution Transforms Under-Sink Space

Your under-sink space a mess? Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink storage can help you declutter. This storage cabinet maximizes kitchen storage with its well-designed and spacious layout.Useful Kitchen Storage

The Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink storage unit fits most sinks at 14.64″L x 10.55″W x 17.92″H. Its large interior holds cleaning supplies, dish detergent, and other kitchen staples. This storage box lets you organize and access your belongings, saving time and frustration.Strong and Dependable

This under-sink organizer from RUBBERMAID INC, a known brand, is durable. Even with everyday use, its durable rim construction lasts. The Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink storage cabinet will organize your kitchen for years.Easy Storage

This rectangular storage container can hold all your kitchen goods. De-clutter your cabinets and under-sink space. Everything has a location, making it easy to access bottles and cleaning brushes.

Simple Maintenance

The Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink storage container simplifies under-sink hygiene. Its simple design makes cleaning spills and stains easy. Enjoy a clean kitchen without the maintenance. This storage cabinet stays in good shape even with frequent cleaning due to its high-quality materials.


In conclusion, the Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink waste container and storage solution are needed for a tidy kitchen. This waste container and storage unit combination keeps your kitchen tidy with its large capacity, sturdy construction, and beautiful style. Leave disorganization and searching behind. Organize your kitchen with the Rubbermaid Kitchen Under-Sink trash container and storage solution.

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  1. Large capacity – You can store multiple items in an organized manner due to its spacious interior.
  2. Tough rim design – Provides durability and can withstand heavy use without cracking or breaking.
  3. Easy to clean – Wiping away spills and messes is a breeze, keeping your under-sink area tidy.
  4. Made in USA – Ensures high-quality craftsmanship and materials.
  5. Lightweight – Weighing only 2.05 pounds, it is easy to handle and install in your kitchen.



Import Imported
specifications LARGE CAPACITY
specifications TOUGH RIM
specifications EASY TO CLEAN
specifications RECTANGULAR SHAPE

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4) Tiyafuro Top or Under SinkBest under sink trash can

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A well-designed cover on the Tiyafuro waste container retains odors, keeping your kitchen fresh. Enjoy cooking without odors.

Easy Installation and Mobility Dimensions

This garbage container is 10.2″L x 6.3″W x 11.6″H, the perfect size for functionality and convenience. It’s lightweight and portable at 780 grams. The Tiyafuro trash container can be mounted on the wall or placed under the sink, conserving space.

Long-Lasting, Easy-to-Maintain Material

Buying a trash can should last. The Tiyafuro garbage container is made of strong materials to last. This container is built to last. Its easy-to-clean surface makes it handy and hygienic.

Tiyafuro’s Waste Management: Efficiency and Flexibility

Waste management is essential for home and office hygiene. Tiyafuro, a market leader, offers a top or under sink garbage can. This sturdy polypropylene garbage can is white and rectangular, measures 10.2″L x 6.3″W x 11.6″H, making it suitable for many areas. Its 9-liter volume makes daily garbage disposal easy.

Space-Saving Design

Compact Tiyafuro top or under sink garbage cans stand out. This garbage can weighs 1.72 pounds and measures 10.24 x 6.3 x 10.63 inches. For small kitchens, toilets, and offices, its rectangular shape fits snuggly. Designed to trap odors, the lid ensures a clean environment.

Quality-Assured Brand Manufacturing

Yiwu Xuyao Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., known for its high-quality products, proudly manufactures the Tiyafuro top or under sink garbage can. Premium polypropylene makes the garbage can durable and wear-resistant. Its reusable design makes trash disposal easy and makes it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and offices.

The Tiyafuro Top or Under Sink waste container is convenient, space-saving, and efficient. To improve home or office hygiene, get this sturdy garbage can. Its compact size, odor control, and quick installation make it ideal for trash disposal. Tiyafuro garbage containers are elegant and reliable.

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Tiyafuro Top or Under Sink First Hand Review Video

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  1. Wide 9-liter capacity for ample waste disposal.
  2. Lightweight and compact design for easy handling and installation.
  3. Odor-preventing lid for maintaining a fresh and clean environment.
  4. Durable polypropylene material for long-lasting performance.
  5. Manufactured by a trusted brand, Yiwu Xuyao Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., ensuring quality and reliability.



Material Polypropylene
Color White
Brand Tiyafuro
Capacity 9 Liters
Product Dimensions 10.2″L x 6.3″W x 11.6″H

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5) ELPHECO Kitchen Under Sink GarbageBest under sink trash can

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2.5-gallon ELPHECO Kitchen Undersink Garbage Container. It’s fantastic for wasteful kitchens and bathrooms. With so much space, you may dispose of food crumbs, paper towels, and other garbage without emptying.

Pull-Out Disposal

This garbage container’s pull-out slot simplifies kitchen waste disposal. Discard large trash bags. The ELPHECO Kitchen Under Sink Garbage Container streamlines waste disposal.

Rustproof Construction

Rust-proof stainless steel makes this garbage container. Its durable construction ensures kitchen garbage control.

Modern Kitchen

The ELPHECO Kitchen Under Sink Garbage Container’s brushed stainless steel design complements any kitchen. Its clever form fits under your sink and stores kitchen waste efficiently.

Simple Installation/Maintenance

ELPHECO Kitchen Under Sink Garbage Container installation and maintenance are easy. 10″L × 6″W x 11″H fits most dwellings. Its compact size maximizes kitchen storage.


ELPHECO Kitchen Under Sink Garbage Containers are stylish and efficient. It’s built to last. It enriches any kitchen. The ELPHECO Kitchen Under Sink Garbage Container cleans and disposes of trash.

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  1. Ample capacity of 2.5 gallons for efficient waste management.
  2. Pull-out opening mechanism for easy access and disposal of garbage.
  3. Compact dimensions of 10″L x 6″W x 11″H, making it a space-saving solution.
  4. Durable stainless steel construction with a brushed finish for a stylish look.
  5. Unique built-in design for easy installation and use without additional hardware.



Capacity 2.5 Gallons
Opening Mechanism Pull-Out
Material Stainless Steel
Recommended Uses For Product Bathroom,Kitchen

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6) TiyafuroTrash, Small under SinkBest under sink trash can

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Tiyafuro Undersink Trash Compost Bin optimises kitchen space. Its rectangular shape saves room against the wall or under the sink.

Efficiency and Capacity

The 1.8-gallon Tiyafuro Trash compost bin. By storing food and cooking trash, this spacious interior promotes sustainability. Composting organic waste minimises landfill waste and pollution.

Odourless, Fruit Fly-Resistant

Tiyafuro Trash compost containers are made of polypropylene. Sealing odours keeps your kitchen fresh. The compost bin lid stops fruit flies from entering your kitchen and spreading pests. Cleanliness and fruit fly-resistance make the bin healthy.

Simple Cleaning

Tiyafuro Trash Small Under Sink Compost Bin installation and maintenance are easy. Its simple design makes installation fast. Cleaning the garbage is easy. Its easy-to-clean surface helps the compost container last.

Smart Kitchen Addition

The Tiyafuro Trash compost bin enhances your kitchen. Any kitchen looks good in white. It fits in beneath the sink or in cabinets.


The Tiyafuro Trash Small Under Sink Compost Bin is a terrific kitchen trash bin for efficiency and style. Its space-saving design, huge capacity, odourless construction, and user-friendly features make it reliable and practical. This compost bin encourages green living. Tiyafuro Trash Small Under Sink Compost Bin helps the environment today.

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TiyafuroTrash, Small under Sink First Hand Review Video

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  1. Compact dimensions of 10.2″L x 6.3″W x 9″H and a lightweight design of 1.1 pounds make it easy to handle and install in tight spaces.
  2. 1.8-gallon capacity provides ample room for kitchen scraps and food waste.
  3. Odorless and fruit fly-resistant design keeps your kitchen clean and hygienic.
  4. Versatile options for wall-mounting or countertop use make it adaptable to different kitchen setups.
  5. Durable polypropylene material ensures long-term stability and reliability.



Material Polypropylene
Color White
Brand Tiyafuro
Capacity 1.8 Gallons
Product Dimensions 10.2″L x 6.3″W x 9″H

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7) PILITO Kitchen Small under SinkBest under sink trash can

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PILITO Kitchen Small Under Sink trash Container streamlines garbage disposal. manual container opening. Accessory-free design. Two open/close options improve flexibility and simplicity.

Durable, Odorless

Polypropylene makes the PILITO Kitchen Small Under Sink Garbage Container. It eliminates kitchen odors. Its rustic appearance matches many kitchen styles.

Installation Flexibility

The 9″L x 4.8″W x 12″H, 1.3-pound PILITO Kitchen Small Under Sink Garbage Container is space-saving and efficient. Lightweight design facilitates kitchen modification. This container is versatile for kitchen installation.

PILITO: Reliable

The adaptable PILITO Kitchen Small Under Sink waste Container contains kitchen garbage. PILITO works good. Its modest size and solid construction clean a small kitchen.

Manage Waste

The 2.4-gallon PILITO Kitchen Small Under Sink rubbish Container simplifies kitchen rubbish management. It organizes your kitchen by holding food scraps, peelings, and other debris. The unpolished rectangular container fits under-sink cabinets.

Lasting power

Polypropylene PILITO Kitchen Small Under Sink Garbage Container lasts. PILITO reinforces this trashcan.

Low Upkeep

10.3, 6.1, 11.5 inches, 1.3 pounds. Easy installation and movement increase sink space. Lightweight structure simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

PILITO Kitchen Small Under Sink garbage Container attractively arranges kitchen rubbish. This compact, robust waste can enhances kitchen cleanliness and efficiency. Popular kitchen storage brand PILITO offers solidity and functionality. PILITO Kitchen Small Under Sink Garbage Container organizes kitchens.

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  1. Compact size and lightweight design make it easy to install and maneuver.
  2. Durable polypropylene material ensures long-lasting use.
  3. Versatile usage options, including the bathroom, laundry room, and restroom.
  4. Manual-lift opening mechanism provides convenient access to the bin’s contents.
  5. Eco-friendly material makes it a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious individuals.



Capacity 2.4 Gallons
Color White
Opening Mechanism Manual-Lift
Material Polypropylene
Recommended Uses For Product Bathroom,Kitchen

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Best Under Sink Trash Can 2023-Complete Buying Guide

A trash can doesn’t have to be unsightly or a hassle to deal with. You’ll want to make sure you get the right size and features for convenience. The best under sink trash can is one that you may not even notice, but it still needs to be durable and able to hold what you need it to hold.

We’ve looked at a variety of under sink trash cans and evaluated them on durability, capacity, versatility and appearance. After our research, we’ve come up with a buying guide that will help you understand which factors are important in finding the best trash can for your needs. We’ve also included our top picks – so read through this guide before making your purchase!

Benefits of Using an Under Sink Trash Can

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Under sink trash cans provide several advantages over other disposal solutions. Their major benefit is that they make it simple to keep kitchen waste out of sight, reducing odors and keeping your area neater. Furthermore, under sink trash cans are also incredibly convenient as you don’t have to leave the kitchen to empty them – instead, simply slide open the cupboard door and the can be pulled out for emptying. Additionally, since they are below your kitchen’s worktop, an under sink trash can is less likely to interfere with your other kitchen appliances or countertop items.

Some under sink trash cans also come equipped with their own compaction system built in, allowing you to compress and dispose of more waste in a single load. Furthermore, many models also come with lids and foot pedals that open up entirely to give you easier access while avoiding any nasty messes. Finally, certain designs may even help you save space by converting two drawers into one larger design while still allowing easy access in tight spaces!

Types of Under Sink Trash Cans

When it comes to selecting the best under sink trash can for your needs, there are several options available to choose from. The most common types include pull-out cans, swing-out cans, dual compartment cans, and cupboard or cabinet models.

  • Pull-out cans have a single container mounted on a set of glides that allow you to slide the container out of its position and access the contents. Many pull-outs feature dividers for separating recyclables from trash or for storing larger items inside the can itself.
  • Swing-Out cans feature a lid that swings open when you turn a knob on top of the lid. This allows you to access the interior without having to remove the entire can from its housing. Many models also have multiple compartments for separating smaller items.
  • Dual Compartment trash cans consist of two separate containers mounted on either side of park slides. You can pull one side forward until it locks in place and easily access either side depending on which type of waste needs to be discarded. This design helps reduce odors caused by mixed waste or recycling materials.
  • Cupboard/Cabinet trash containers are mounted inside a shallow cupboard cabinet, allowing extra room for storage and convenient hiding away of messy debris while keeping your kitchen tidy and organized in minutes! Finally, some under sink trash cans come with built-in foot pedals so that all you need to do is press down with your foot in order to access your stored material.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Under Sink Trash Can

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Buying an under sink trash can be a difficult choice, as there are many factors to consider. Before you make a purchase, it’s important to understand what features are important to consider and which features may be more desirable but ultimately less necessary. Here are some factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for an under sink trash can:

  1. Size: You should first identify how much space is available under your sink and how large of a container you need to fit in the allotted space. Pay special attention to the height, width, and depth of the appliance so that it fits your storage area perfectly.
  2. Usage: evaluate your garbage disposal habits and determine what type of container will best handle your needs. Consider how many bags or liner-free liners you plan on using and how often it needs to be emptied for optimal performance.
  3. Capacity: Consider the capacity of the under sink trash can which usually range from five gallons to fifteen gallons – most models provide more than adequate storage for both kitchen scraps and recyclables such as aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic containers.
  4. Convenience: Look at different features such as hands-free foot pedals or wide-opening lids for easy access when reaching into the bin with both hands full of waste material instead of having one hand full with one bin bag when taking out the contents from inside the container each time it needs emptying.
  5. Construction Materials: You want a durable product that will last over time so check out details like metal construction that is corrosion-resistant and sturdy enough to resist scuffs, scrapes, rust build-up or other common wear and tear baggage typically associated with metal containers used around sinks or in other areas where water will come into contact with them throughout their lifetime use period such as bathrooms and utility areas where moisture tends to collect often leading to faster deterioration or wear due over time if not taken care properly by suppliers prior usage selling customers prior sale making opportunities.

Top under Sink Trash Can Brands

Today, there is a wide variety of under sink trash cans available on the market. There are many established brands that produce their own distinct models and features. To help you decide what under sink trash can is best for your needs and budget, here are some of the top brands:

  • Simplehuman: Simplehuman under sink trash cans come with an odor filter built in to help control odors. Their patented “shroud” design helps to keep the odor inside and prevent it from entering your living space. This brand also has a great selection of different styles and sizes ranging from pedal operated to pull out models.
  • Rubbermaid: Another quality under sink trash can brand is Rubbermaid which offers a range of models that are strong, durable and dependable. From classic modern designs to compact designs, this brand has you covered when it comes to finding an under-sink garbage can that fits your needs.
  • Haus Maus: If you’re looking for something sleek and stylish yet economical, Haus Maus design-minded products are great option for keeping your kitchen clean. Their innovative snap lid system allows for quick and easy waste disposal without having to open up separate systems or doors.
  • iTouchless: iTouchless offers a range of highly durable stainless steel construction under-sink cans that are easy to clean and fingerprint resistant. Perfect if you have small children or pets at home as they offer touch free operation ensuring hands don’t come in contact with any germs that may have transferred with the lid opening or closing process. And unlike other automated products they last significantly longer thanks their premium components such as their stainless steel lids that stay looking new over time.

Best under Sink Trash Can 2023

The right under sink trash can helps you keep your kitchen free of mess and clutter, while also encouraging guests and family members to discard their waste in a timely fashion. As such, choosing the right model in accordance with your sink size and budget is essential.

When deciding on the best under sink trash can, there are several aspects to consider, including capacity, style and convenience features. To help you make an informed decision, we have gathered the 2023 top-rated options from leading brands here and outlined some quick tips for finding your perfect match.

  • Capacity: The capacity of an under sink trash can is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for one for your kitchen area. Depending on how much trash is generated in your home or business over a certain period of time, you may need a large capacity unit or something more compact for lighter loads. If you want to extend the life span of the product, aim for a model that is equal or higher than double your daily usage needs.
  • Style: Under sink trash cans are available in various shapes and sizes ranging from round cylindrical containers to rectangular ones that take up less space when kept against a wall or corner area. Opting for an aesthetic design helps enhance any decor scheme while also providing utility on a daily basis.
  • Convenience Features: Look out for added comforts like handles that make it possible to transport them easily; odor-trapping lids that contain foul smells to keep kitchen air clean; foot pedals so as not have direct contact; mounting capabilities; as well as designs with separate compartments to discard plastics versus papers items separately. These features will help keep everyone comfortable in using their under sink trash can each day without worrying about having too much hassle at cleanup time!


In conclusion, handmade stainless-steel garbage cans can be beautiful enough to be stylishly presented in any room of your home – whether indoor or outdoor. It is extremely important to consider the capacity and type of garbage can that suits your needs best before you commit to a purchase.

If you’re looking for a top-notch under sink trash can, then stainless-steel is the way to go: its strength and durability ensure it will never corrode, rust or wear out easily; it also looks attractive with its mirrored finish! Do not forget quality, made from high-grade material would cost you more. Always remember that buying of the right materials does not just mean price but longevity as well!


How do I choose a kitchen trash can?

When choosing a kitchen trash can, consider factors such as size, design, durability, and ease of use.

Is stainless steel trash can worth it?

Stainless steel trash cans can be more expensive, but they are durable and easy to clean. They also have a sleek and modern look.

What are the 3 types of trash cans?

Three types of trash cans are: step cans, touchless cans, and simplehuman cans.

Which simple human trash can is the best?

Simplehuman is a well-known brand, so it’s hard to say which one is the “best”. It depends on the individual’s preference and specific needs.

What are the 4 types of trash cans?

Four types of trash cans are: step cans, touchless cans, simplehuman cans, and recycling bins.

Are metal trash cans better than plastic?

The benefits of metal trash cans are that they are durable and easy to clean. Plastic cans are less expensive and lighter in weight. It depends on personal preference and specific needs.

Which is the best type of bin to use in a kitchen?

The best type of bin to use in a kitchen is one that is easy to clean, has a lid to contain odors, and is the right size for your kitchen.

What is a good kitchen trash can size?

A good kitchen trash can size is one that can hold at least a day’s worth of trash and is not too big or too small for your kitchen space.

Do stainless steel trash cans smell less?

Stainless steel trash cans can help to reduce odors by keeping the trash contained. However, if the trash is not properly disposed of and cleaned out, any trash can will produce an odour.

What color should a trash can be?

The color of a trash can is a matter of personal preference. Some people may prefer a neutral color like white or silver, while others may prefer a bold color to add a pop of color to their kitchen.

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